29 July 2011

Something we'll have to rememdy

Two distinct trains of thought regarding the new header.  Two distinct ideas as to what it should be.  So, since there seems to be a lot of love for both, I'm leaving it up to a vote.  The poll will be open until the morning of August 21st, at which time I will announce the winning header and set the blog accordingly.

Without further ado - the poll is located over on the right side there, just under Peanut's smiling face for my online photography portfolio.  Just click which version you like and we'll see how it all turns out.  Here are your choices:

  1. Make It You - your photograph, your hobbies, your coffee cup!
  2. Trendy and Modern - love the stripes, love the tag, love the toile!

Okay - there are your two options so be sure to look up on the right and vote!

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