16 July 2011

Nope, I'm not going to 'play' that way

Sometimes, you have to let the sun set.
Whoever said "Life isn't fair" sure wasn't lying.  That person should have quickly followed up with something along the lines of how much it stinks to be a grown up.  Currently, I want to throw myself on the ground and have a full blown temper fit but I can't - I've surpassed the age limit apparently.  Internally though, oh yeah I've gone there.

Guilt is a horrible weapon and one I don't use.  There are those who would say that I am insusceptible to guilt's power... those few would be wrong.  I work hard to not allow that type of passive aggressive manipulation to have it's hold on me but to say that I am immune to it is not true in the least.  It works on me and manages to make me feel horrible, the end result being that those people who attempt to manipulate me with it usually get their way.  It's a false victory but a victory for them all the same.

As of today, I am refusing to give in to guilt.  If someone wants to play that card, they can count me out.  Verbal, non verbal, aggressive or passive aggressive - I want none of it.  I don't care if you a dear friend or a loving relative.  I will not play your game.  I don't guilt anyone because if that is the only means to an end, I would rather go without.  I would prefer that someone would like to do something, instead of feeling obligated to do something.  I hold nothing over anyone's head - or give the impression of such goings on. 

Do or do not... it's that simple.  Guilt has no place here.

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