09 July 2011

If I...

While looking for something to do today that was outside of my house, I found myself playing a little game.  I was reading my emails and when some of my voyeuristic shopping letters came up, I started thinking "If I had copious amounts of money, I'd buy that" and then I started to giggle.  The things I would buy if I had a "frivolous fund" are just fabulous and funky... so naturally, I'm going to share them with you.
Yes, its' a tool box - but I'd use it for a knitting bag.

I'd move here in a heartbeat
I'd drive this every day with the top down
I'd open my yarn/coffee shop... complete with library loft.
Yeah, that's what I would do if I had more money than a I knew what to do with ~ buy completely unique and offbeat items, live in a beautiful cottage in a remote area, drive classic cars and open up my urban boho chic yarn/coffee/book boutique.

Do you know what else I realize as I wander around looking at impractical things that I can't afford - my life would be the same as it is now because I no longer possess the ability to purchase such things.  I don't buy frivolous things because I always have guilt that the money should have been spent on something 'important'.  I have curbed my impulse buying to the point that I have gone to the opposite extreme... and yet, I still never have any disposable income.  Every time I think that I will go out and get something just for fun, an emergency crops up that needs immediate attention - something with the kids, house or cars - and it always depletes what little I had squirreled away.

After years of such chains of events, I have honed an amazing ability to talk myself out of purchases.  If I can't find at least five honest to goodness uses for it and people who would benefit from the item then I don't get it.  I just have the worst time getting things for me because I feel guilty, although I am pretty sure that Union Jack tool box will find a way into my house because I'm absolutely certain that I need it.

At least I can pretend I'm famous now - Jasmine's Crafts interviewed me a few weeks back and her post is now up.  Please, please... no autographs - well, maybe just a few.

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  1. I find this very engaging! I suppose we all have stuff we'd do if we could. I'd love to live in an old cottage, hopefully I can build myself one. ~stars in eyes~


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