07 July 2011

Random is the word of the day

Random 2005 shot ~ Peanut & Hobbit going swimming
Have you ever had a day when you could not make a complete and coherent thought - and it didn't bother you because you have just accepted that the day was going to simply be random?  Me too... and that day would be today.  My brain is running a million miles an hour in a million different directions.  I attempted to make it focus but realized that it was an exercise in futility and decided to let it run it's course. 

So this is what happens to blog posts when you're having a random day...
  • I hope people remember to enter the giveaway because there are only 5 days left.
  • No clue what to cook for supper... wonder if I can afford Steak n' Shake, that sounds good.
  • Huh, it looks like rain.
  • Maybe there is something good On Demand for tonight.  A movie sounds good.
  • I really should be knitting... yeah, I should... and yet, ehhhh.
  • Oh gross, I started a pitcher of tea and forgot the sugar... now it has a sheen to it.  Dumping now.
  • Pokey is so silly... he thinks I can hear all he says when he talks while I am typing.  I try, but I fail.
  • 14 more days... I can make it 14 more days.. good gravy, more tears - really?  Suck it up.
  • I need to get that pattern book soon because I think it holds Christmas presents in it that I need to make.
  • Sweet - my shot made the popular page... am I too old to do a fan girl squee?  Nah, squee!
  • Okay, I really need to get up and go do something else... not sure what but something.
  • I want brownies.  I'm going to go make some - Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge, yeah.. sounds good.

1 comment:

  1. Oh how I wished we lived closer!! I'd bring the Steak and Shake in exchange for the brownies!! AHhhhhh... Yum! Enjoy your random day!! :)


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