22 July 2011

Shift in the universe

Someone painting her little cut-out cat
Someone in our little house thinks that the universe has somehow shifted to revolve around her... someone is wrong.  It's very odd too because one minute, someone is sweet and kind and loving but then BLAMO - little Miss Snotty Princess rears her ugly head.  Curious, very curious.

We discovered a paint your own ceramics place yesterday.  The prices were insane (by my standards anyway - $15 for the little thing she painted) but it was a nice vacation day treat.  During the process, someone was having a grand time.  Choosing her object and her colors, sitting still for an hour to make sure it was just as she had envisioned.  Then, BLAMO - little Miss Snotty Princess came out and had a fit over the fact that she could only paint one.  No "thank you" or "maybe we could come back again when Sissy is in town" - just "gimme more" train of thought.

Not really sure where or when someone became possessed by little Miss Snotty Princess but I am most definitely sure that it should be exercised away rather quickly... or someone is going to learn the taste of soap and become very familiar with the lighting nuances of a corner.


  1. Oh dear. Our good friends in TX have a daughter the same age as Hobbit and she's going through the same phase. She was quite rude to me (and her mom) during our trip. Our friends do correct her but they're at a loss as to why the mood swings.

    For example, I was knitting away at my sock and she said in a really bossy voice, "Aren't you done yet? You really should just knit something for me." Her mom was very quick to correct that a. you don't speak to rudely to anyone, much less a guest in your house and b. Vanessa will knit you something IF she chooses to.

    The daughter did sincerely apologize but then added, "I would look cute a sweater with little hearts on it. Just so you know." And then skipped away. Once she was out of ear shot, friend apologized for her daughter and we had a good chuckle over her suggestion.

    All of this is to say, I think it's something in the 6 to 8 year old girl water. ;)

  2. I remember like yesterday the first time my little sister was rude to me. I was so shocked and then she was shocked because I promptly drew her up short.

    Children I find, and this is merely a big sister who was left alone with the young ones a lot, like to test boundaries. For no explicable reason - quite suddenly, the sweetness gets tart and the manners take a vacation!

    I wasn't authorized to inflict punishment but I did restrict privileges which I suppose is the same thing.

    I'm sure that it's just a temporary lapse. I found as rude as she was, a moment later she could still give the best hugs.

    Little girls! The good and the bad is still rewarding.


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