11 July 2010

Across The Street

The first thing you must know that I can't stand stupidity... ignorance I can deal with because someone doesn't know better but stupidity, well there is just no excuse for it.

The guy across the street is the epitome of stupidity. He has lived there for several months with his family. He comes outside to talk on his cell phone every few hours and uses the speaker function so we can ALL hear his mundane conversations like we care... that isn't the point of this post though.

The point of this post is that he NEVER mows his side or back yard. Now, I'm sure many of you are going "So what" but it's very annoying. The side and back of his house are overgrown with weeds and they stand well above thigh high. I know this because he was standing next to them while he mowed the front yard and the weeds were sweeping at his rear end!

How hard is it to turn the mower and run up and down the side of the house - which would take no more than four passes at most? How hard is it to go into his back yard, which is surrounded now by some make shift chicken wire fence, that is illegal by homeowner standards, and run the mower back there?

This monstrosity which is his yard breeds so many things - weeds that aggravate people with allergies and asthma, a nesting grounds for mice (and we have seen a few come scurrying across the street just yesterday), a lovely home for snakes and it's simply an eye sore.

Now I could go down to the HOA and turn him in but there is a problem with that - it can't be done anonymously. While I may not care for his jungle of a yard, I don't want to cause problems with a family who has displayed the same irrational behavior I have seen time and again from that location.

I am in a quandary, that's for sure.


  1. Okay so a quick update - I went out front earlier and noticed that he had actually mowed the side of his yard! The back is still gross but I had to giggle and wonder to myself "I wonder if he read my blog?"

  2. Now I'm seriously thinking he read it - the back is mowed too!


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