18 July 2010

GiGi's Baby Booties

I was helping a girl in one of my forum groups with her pattern for baby booties when I realized that I had created a fabulous one when I made GiGi's baby booties. I shared it with her and she was floored over how simple and easy I made it.

That got me to thinking - why not put it up on Ravelry for others to use. It all came about because I got frustrated with the other patterns that people had out there. I guess they figured that the more complex they made it sound, the more impressed you would be with their creation. That mindset doesn't work for me at all - I'd rather a person be knitting stress free and enjoying their creation rather than wigging out over the overly complex pattern.

With all of that being said - here is the patter that I have named "GiGi's Baby Booties". Enjoy!


  1. Thanks bunches. Looks just like a nice warm hug for little feet. It's gonna get lots of use.

  2. You are more than welcome! Little feed need warm hugs - they're so easy to do too. I'm working on figuring out how to make "converse" and "mary jane" versions... should be interesting if I can get the pattern figured out for the color changes.


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