23 July 2010

Ladies Who Lunch

I just got back from the most wonderful afternoon with my dear friend, LoriJean. I hadn't seen her in years even though we only live about 30 minutes from one another. It was so nice to sit down over lunch and catch up on everything from work to kids to husbands/significant others and ourselves.

There is a phrase that I had heard a long time ago and it made me giggle - Ladies who Lunch. I always thought of it as such a pompous thing. Hoity toity women sitting around picking at over priced, under portioned food making nice with each other when in reality they despise one another and are only there because of some odd sense of duty. You see it in movies all the time. It's is rather ridiculous in that sense.

Today it dawned on me that I have become a "lady who lunch"s but in a completely different manner. I sit around and pick at reasonably price, over portioned food catching up with people I adore because I have truly missed their company. Time gets lost (we literally were there for 3 hours!) and life's beautiful stories get replayed for the enjoyment of all involved.

Being considered one of those ladies who lunch is a pretty sweet gig... if you do it right.

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