25 July 2010

Back To My Previously Scheduled Knitting

Now that I have completed Buford III and LoriJean's Wrap, I am back to working on Peanut's Capelet. I had hoped to have it done for her before she got home but I'm not sure that will be a reality at this point... I have 3 days.

I love this capelet and the yarn is so deliciously soft and silky. My mother called to tell me about the clothes each of the girls got for the upcoming school year. Peanut's sounds more mature and grown up while Hobbit's sound just as they should for someone her age - cute.

Oh well, back to work... you know what they say about idle fingers and all. I'll post some progress pictures along the way since I am most definite that I don't have to be secretive... no child reads their mother's blog... and sometimes that is a very good thing.

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