09 July 2010

Looking for a Capelet Pattern

So Peanut made an off handed comment that she would really love a capelet. I have been searching and searching to find a pattern. Apparently they aren't in fashion any longer, though I don't know why because they are wonderful.

For those that don't know, a capelet is like a little cape. It ties or pins at your neck and hangs just to your elbows. Here is a photo of the one I found and am going to attempt to make, although the Coats & Clark Pattern (LW1481) reads a bit oddly for me.

I picked some really delicious yarn by Bernat, called Satin, and they are in a beautiful shade of pink and gorgeous white. The pink is currently on my needles with a different pattern that I was working for a shoulder shaw but I am just not liking how it is turning out so instead of wasting it to the end and being disappointed, I am going to frog it and use it for this capelet.

I've got roughly three weeks before Peanut and Hobbit get home. I am hoping that I will be able to at least get Peanut's done - which will lead to Hobbit wanting one as well. Have no fear though, I bought enough yarn to do two! We mommies know better than to do one without doing something for the other. My only question is - who gets what color?

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