23 July 2010

LoriJean's Wrap - Completed

I finished LoriJean's Wrap this morning and she seemed truly surprised to receive it... which truly surprised me. I felt sure that she figured out what I was doing since I am really bad it being coy. I was so glad that she appreciated it.

Here are a few photos of the completed item. It was made out of the softest yarn and the colors complimented her skin tone and hair perfectly. I forgot to take my camera to lunch but I did remember to do a small 'photo shoot' prior to wrapping it up and dashing out the door to lunch.
The photos are in the following order ~ the front draped over the arm of the chair, the back view of the wrap draped over the chair, detailed view of side edge and then the detailed view of the top finished edge.

All in all, I am really pleased with how it turned out. I hope that LoriJean gets many years of warmth out of it and every time she wraps it around her shoulders, she smiles with memories of a wonderful afternoon.


  1. The pictures don't do it justice! It is so soft, just the right size and absolutely adorable. Thanks so much Amy, you are a great friend!

  2. Awww - you are most welcome... and now do you see why I was surprised you didn't know I was making it for you... lol.

    I'm just not good at secrets, what can I say.


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