05 July 2010

Welcome to my world

Come on in, sit down, make yourself at home... would you like some coffee?

So how have you been? Me, oh things have been really interesting around here. It's summertime so you would expect that the house is full of the noises of the season ("I'm bored", "Maaaaammmmmaaaaaa") but alas, it's quiet. Don't worry, the kids are alive and well.. they just aren't here.

Let's back peddle a bit, shall we. My parents moved 1100 miles away this past year after always being no more than 20 minutes up the road from us. Due to certain circumstances, they had to transplant themselves halfway across the country. The entire school year goes by with nothing but phone calls and one holiday visit. My parents decided that they missed the girls (Peanut and Hobbit) and wanted them for the ENTIRE summer vacation.

Well, we are at the halfway mark and I'm slipping into my groove of being alone all day and honeymooning with my husband in the evening... my parents are realizing that memories only preserve the beauty and not the harsh realities.

All I can say is, this is one time when 1100 miles is a good thing.

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