10 July 2010

Strange Routine

With the kids being gone all summer, I have slipped into an odd routine. I know that I am a creature of habit and will make routines for myself, intentional or not, for the simple comfort of knowing what to do next. Here is how my days have been going since the kids have been gone:

* Get up around 9ish
* Drink my coffee and play on the computer
* Get my shower finally (by the way, it's probably about 2 p.m.)
* Clean up a little or do some laundry
* Drink more coffee and play on the computer
* Cook supper
* Eat and either watch tv/movie with Pokey or play computer game with Pokey
* Go to bed (by the way, it's sometime between 12 and 2 a.m.)

I don't really like this routine and I need to fix it... the challenge has been my foot really. I broke my toe, sprained my foot, pinched a nerve and pulled a tendon ~ and because of all that I have been stuck on my hiney all day and my foot elevated for the past 6 weeks. That is how this routine developed. Now that I no longer have to wear that stupid shoe and my foot is mostly on the mend, I want to get up and do... but when I get up and do my foot starts to bother me within an hour or two. It's a vicious cycle.

So for now, I need to refill my coffee and check my forums until Pokey calls on his first break. I will figure something out, I always do but for now I guess I'll just deal with it.

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