09 July 2010

The Easy Way

I'm reading this book by Allen Carr and I have to say that it actually kind of sucked me in. Granted, it is a self help book and I always find them entertaining to say the least... the way some people think amazes me... but I digress.

So this book, where I am currently at chapter 13, makes one statement thus far that has really stuck in my craw (what the heck is a craw?). He states that smokers are actually drug addicts. Smoking isn't a habit, it isn't a hobby, it is a legal addiction... and I love how he comes to the conclusion (besides scientific reasoning obviously).

Allen states that habits can be broken with ease and a hobby is something enjoyable ~ none of these are honestly true for smoking. People train their bodies to tolerate smoking but it isn't enjoyable. He also states that smokers are some of the most strong willed and strong minded people you will ever know - because it takes such a person to ignore all the initial signs from their body regarding the ingestion of poison (coughing, dizziness and sometimes even physical sickness).

Granted, I am only on page 78 of this book but I have giggled several times. You can "hear" his writing, if you know what I mean. He isn't a professional writer by any means but that is what makes it wonderful to me. It's like reading a letter from a friend - you can almost hear them reading it to you in your head. Of course, the greatest writer who can do that is Paul Riser but that is a different post entirely.

As of this moment, if you are a smoker and wanting to quit or you love a smoker - I recommend this book... I'll let you know if I change my mind when I'm done but so far so good.

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