27 July 2010


I can't wait for Thursday. It is going to take longer than the duration from Christmas Eve good nights until Christmas good mornings to get here but I can't wait! I have waited over 7 weeks for Thursday and it's finally here. Wait, what's Thursday you ask... Peanut and Hobbit come home!!

Peanut and Hobbit have been gone since the day after school let out this summer. They have been visiting their grandparents who live 1100 miles away. It is a 2 day drive to get there so I knew that they were going to stay for a goodly amount of time but I have no idea how we came to the agreement of 7 whole weeks... but I digress.

We have so much to do once they get home - Peanut needs to go and get set up for her Senior Year whilst Hobbit needs to go and get set up for Kindergarten and those two years are monumental as anyone who has been through them can attest.

I can't even begin to fathom how big they have gotten and how much they have changed over this summer. There were so many things that I have missed - not epic moments but moments nonetheless. I know that we talked on the phone several times a day and Skyped (yeah, that is now a word... like 'googled') as well but it's not the same as being there. I couldn't just scoop them up and hug them whenever I wanted. I couldn't look over and watch them being sweet to one another or playing beautifully by themselves.

Oh I know, I'm waxing nostalgic and within a week there will be fits and tears and I'll be wishing I could run away from home at some point with my hobo bag on a stick but for now, they are perfect angels and I can't wait for them to come home!


  1. I'm understanding you so much! Every day with the babies is very important!

    LG Sammy

  2. 7 weeks??? Yikes! That IS a long time without your babies!! Me oh my!! ENJOY the homecoming!! And you can always drag your hobo bag and stick to UT! :)

  3. sorry....totally OT but I just have to say these security words really are....interesting. For that last comment, the word was prubebag!! Bwahahah!! Use THAT in a sentence!!

  4. ROFL ~ I'll have to get back to you on that... might just end up in a post... never know.


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