21 July 2010

Knitting "Glee"fully

I'm sitting here watching my DVR'd episodes of Glee while I work on LoriJean's Wrap. I am coming to the painful conclusion that I might not get it done in time. Some modifications might be in order... either that or not take it to her when we have lunch on Friday.

I really wanted to get it done and surprise her - I think she will love it. I've got 11" completed. The average wrap length is 5' from wrist to wrist so that means that I am just about 4' short... that is a LOT of knitting.

Perhaps I can do a modification of my own pattern and when I get to 3', I can add a decorative button for closure at the end. I don't know - all I know is that I should probably wrap this up and work LoriJean's Wrap instead. Finger's crossed.

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