19 July 2010

Hobbit's Hat

I have a lot of friends who are either pregnant or know someone who is pregnant. I love babies and making baby items - my friends know this so they make a point to tell me about "so and so's shower" or "did you hear so and so's pregnant"... feeding into my baby knitting addiction in hopes that I will offer to make them something to give or receive.

Trust me, I don't mind at all since most of my friends, surprisingly, are not crafters. Well, they craft but apparently scrapbooking is more their thing while getting tangled up in yarn is mine. It's cool - a creative mind is always a beautiful thing.

I always had the hardest time finding a cute hat that would match the one I would make the mommy (she always seems to be left out during showers so I will always do a little something for her if I have time)... you know what this means, I created my own pattern. It wasn't difficult, shoot I run a charity whose main focus is making hats... I had this one covered.

So here is my pattern for all ~ Hobbit's Hat   

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