11 December 2011


Yeah, missed the whole "every 4th row" statement... now I'm 2 days behind instead of 1 day ahead.


  1. If it's any consolation, I just ripped out half of the back portion of my Mom's sweater. When I went to sew shoulder seams together I realized something was seriously wrong (should have known that by the look of the back, but just thought I had been knitting tightly) Ah well, onward and upward! It'll get done!

  2. Feeling a little of your pain as well. I have several projects to get done before Christmas--shouldn't be an issue...if I just didn't have to keep undoing some of what I'm doing! (I did start knitting in the round, btw...it's um...been an adventure! LOL I'll get there!) Hang in there! We'll all get it done!


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