11 December 2011

Sunday Snaps

4 dozen Christmas cookies were made - and are now gone...

More nerdy Nerd Wars goodness was completed...

Christmas knitting was meticulously organized and scheduled...

Teacher gift knitting was re-started and no matter how much I think I should like expensive yarn, I don't.
I can't believe we are out of cookies already!  I'll be making more this afternoon but I would have thought that 48 cookies would have lasted longer with three people in the house, and none of them are my daddy.  I think I'll blame on the fact that they were smaller in size... yeah, that makes me feel a bit better.

There is a black hole in my house... or I have gnome infestation... or Borrowers have moved in... any way you look at it, I've not been able to find a lot of things this week.  Current tally is 2 rings, 3 movies and my favorite crochet hook.  All of these just this weekend too - I have searched in all the usual places, guess it's time to start looking in the unusual ones.

I started Hobbit's Christmas gift to give to her teacher back on Thanksgiving weekend but I didn't like it much so I put it down and focused on something that would make me happy.  I picked it back up last night because we're getting down to the wire and Christmas break will be here next Wednesday!  I chose my most expensive yarn and then I also picked up one of my cheap acrylics that is a beautiful color - figuring I would make her two cozies, one for her water cup (which we'll pick up and wrap the cozy around so she isn't completely ignorant on what it is) and one for her coffee mug.  I don't know if the fact that it's variegated and not showing the cables that well or if it's just the yarn itself but I still don't like my Ester Bitran "Andes" yarn.  It feels kind of sticky to me and it doesn't show any type of stitch work well but the colors are what Hobbit told me that Mrs. R wears all the times.  I finished that cozy last night out of sheer desire to simply stop working on it.  As soon as I had it blocking, I cast on the cheap acrylic yarn and it's working up beautifully.  Perhaps it is because it's a solid color or maybe I've a predisposition against the other yarn since nothing has come out 'pretty' when I use it... either way, I am going to like the acrylic better when it's all said and done today.

Pokey sweater update - I should be at 8" of work and I'm sitting on 9" which will be increased later on today to get a bit ahead for a birthday cushion.  I know I worked in that I won't be knitting on Thursday but I'd rather be safe than sorry so I'm going to work it up and be a day ahead because I'm just that anal about it all.  I know, I know... but what can I say - between Nerd Wars and the faces that Pokey gives me over it, I want to reach this goal!

This is going to be a busy week - baking, dates and travel galore.  I'm really looking forward to it, even though it will make other things a bit hectic, it will all be worth it.  How was your week, last week?  Did you make a lot of fun memories or interesting discoveries?  Does this upcoming week look promising for smiles and adventures?  I sure hope so.

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  1. While you are looking for your missing items - see if you can find my Christmas stockings will you please???? They too are MIA


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