30 December 2011

Weekend Wonderment ~ 12/30 - 1/1

A nice relaxing holiday weekend, don't you think?
  1. Pokey and I just watched the last Harry Potter movie last night and now I just feel the need to reread the series... again.
  2. I am going to work on this sleeve if it kills me.  So what if I was told to rest my neck and shoulder... I knit with my hands and fingers, not my neck and shoulder.  Yes, I'm sticking with that train of thought, thank you.
  3. I am working to clean up UFOs so naturally, this pattern must be completed... then written up, pdf'd and uploaded for all to enjoy... oh and mailed to Peanut so she doesn't freeze at school.
  4. All the while during this fabulous knitting weekend, I will be indulging in selfish theatrical eye and ear candy.  Care to join me?
  5. Hobbit chose one skein of this yarn when we were at the store the other week... no clue what I'm going to do with  it.  It's chunky weight and 109 yards.  I was thinking a hat but it also screams "bunny slippers" to me - what do you think?
That's my exciting New Year's Eve weekend - what do you have planned?

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  1. Well, we continue to have the same taste in movies! I got The Help--movie and book--for Christmas. I'd like to read it first but I have a feeling we'll be watching it this weekend, too. My daughter is reading it and loving it. I plan on starting a beret--my first Christmas gift project for next year!--today. AND, I went in and signed up for the sock class. So stinking excited. I have visions of socks for everyone!!
    Back to books, I just finished Free-Range Knitter and startig All Wound Up (Steph Pearl-McPhee)--more Christmas gifts. I just think she's the funniest woman ever and a definite kindred spirit!
    I love the yarn--you realize it matches your blog, right?
    Last, but not least, I need to make some lists--Resolutions, Things to Do, Christmas '12, etc. Yeah, I'm addicted to lists...
    Happy New Year!


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