02 December 2011

Weekend Wonderment ~ 12/2 - 12/4

Lots to do... and it's all tons of fun!
Here is my list of fun things to get done this weekend.  It looks like a lot, and it is, but it's all things that I want to do so therefore it isn't really daunting... if that even makes sense.  So here's what's on tap:
  1. Finish going through my "third quarter" magazines and marking the patterns that I want to make.
  2. Actually finish this sleeve!  I only have 3/4" to go and this round of Nerd Wars has a WiP challenge but you have to finish two in order to get the full points.  I've got this sweater for Pokey and a few (*cough* five others *cough*) sitting around that I might could whip up before New Years.
  3. What you see here actually needs to be frogged and restarted on either larger needles or with less stitches.  It came out a tad bigger (read that as "twice as big") than my calculations projected since I'm using different weight yarn than suggested.  It's from my "Jane Austen" book and I'm tickled to start it - and to have it qualify in the Nerd Wars this round.
  4. All the while, one of these three movies will be popped into my machine to keep my other half of my brain entertained.
So what's on your agenda this weekend?


  1. Your zeal for knitting is inspiring! Just sitting here and making out my weekend list:
    Finish machine quilting my Christmas quilt, finish a small gift that I'm sewing, put up main-floor Christmas tree, wrap gifts. And when all of this is done I MIGHT have time for working on a scarf that I'm really enjoying! Side-note: Monday's to-do list includes calling the local yarn shop and signing up for a class on knitting in the round. This is a step I've been pushing back for too long! This class will be multi-tasking as I'll be making two hats for gifts! Enjoy your weekend fun!


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