10 December 2011

End of year accountability

Not too pathetic, really.
Yesterday I shared with you all of my promises for 2012.  I thought it would be fun to look back at my promises that I made for 2011 to see how I did.  Let's see ~

Learn four new techniques was the first thing on my list last year.  During the course of this year, I learned how to Norwegian purl, crochet a granny square, make an I-cord, cable and make socks.  I think I did alright on this one last year, don't you?

The second thing on my list was to get more sleep.  Now, I'm not really sure how to grade this one because while I may be actually getting less sleep, I am sleeping better.  I am also getting back to sleep a lot easier if I should wake up so I think I will label this a success as well.

Thirdly, I wanted to learn to save money.  I haven't necessarily done this one but I have learned to budget better.  I wonder if that counts?  I don't have any more money than I did at this time last year but I honestly feel as though I have better utilized and can readily claim where all our funds have gone - something I could not have done last year.  I did try to budget in a sliding percentage for saving but it's such an economically difficult year, I think being able to stretch our dollar further is a great accomplishment.
It was so delicious - trust me or make one yourself and see.

Getting healthier was on my list along with getting moving as the last two items.  I have made great strides in one and not so great strides in the other.  I've learned to cook the same tasty foods with less of the bad stuff involved.  I can also say that I don't think my husband even noticed so that definitely marks it as a huge success for me.  I have made baby steps towards getting moving and will continue in the same vein this up coming year so since I did try, we'll call it even.

So, taking stock in all that I wanted to do and all that I have done - I say I came out on top.  How did you do with your goals or promises from last year - did you have a successful time?

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