05 December 2011

Motivational Mondays ~ 5 Dec

I think I spend more time on Social/Emotional and Spiritual than I do in the other two quadrants of the Weekly Compass.  Sure, Mental and Physical are both important but they don't give you the slightly selfish "feel good" factor, or at least it isn't as high, as the other two do... for me, anyway.

Today, I'm Santa Claus.  Now I know what you're thinking but it really isn't that much and I certainly wish I could have done more but I felt moved to do it and so after discussing the situation with Pokey, we decided that we would take our Christmas bonus from his work and spend it on this family.  Now we don't know them very well - I've only actually met the matriarch once when I taught her how to knit - but we keep in touch via Facebook.  She is a very sweet woman, married to a loving man and they are raising one amazing little boy.  Their story isn't that much different from a lot of people's around the country - she just lost her job and confided that they would not be able to "have Christmas" because even with the unemployment she was blessed to receive, it's barely enough to keep their apartment.

It broke my heart, the thought of waking up on Christmas morning without a single present to open.  Yes, I know it isn't about the gifts under the tree but more the feeling of love and joy from being with those you care about most.  I get that.  They get that... but having something under the tree is part of the magic too.  Waking up on Christmas morning to rush out and see what Santa brought is the highlight of many kids' year.  It doesn't really even matter so much what it is - just that you've been good enough to get something.  It's almost like a child's confirmation that everything is okay in the world.

I felt compelled to make sure that everything was right in their world this Christmas.  Like I said, it isn't a lot and I wish that I could have done more but now they will be able to open something on Christmas morning.  I know that when they can, they will pay it forward to another family who might need some extra cheer that year... and hopefully, when the years have passed, they can look back and smile because they are able to recall all their blessings, instead of it being overshadowed by the things that were trying.

I don't know for certain why, but this whole adventure has brought to mind a Chinese proverb I once heard that has stuck with me all these years.  And while it might seem like an odd place to end, I am going to leave you all with this thought for today and wishes of good tidings to you and yours ~

“Nobody's family can hang out the sign, "Nothing the matter here."

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  1. My first comment got eaten!! What a lovely post. There are many people in that position this year, I think. Doing something so nice for someone warms the soul, no?


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