17 December 2011

Well isn't that swell.

He better understand Christmas knitting and deadlines!
I have done something to my shoulder.  Just over a week ago, I woke up with what felt like a crick in my neck.  You know the scene - you wake up and your shoulder/neck area is just sore and needs to be worked out but it feels better in a day or two at most... yeah, that's what I thought what was going on.

It's now 9 days later and simply sitting in this chair is causing a burning in my left shoulder blade so intense it feels as though someone lit a thousand matches and is holding them to my skin.  I can't move it to a comfortable position to save my soul.  Sleeping has been near impossible sans little inadvertent power naps that are lazy boy/heating pad combo induced.

Normally, I am so stubborn that I will just wait for it to move on but I don't want Christmas to be hampered by my shoulder and neck pain so I am going to the doctor today at 3:30 p.m. which means I get to sit in the waiting room with people who are actually ill and not just in pain.  I don't like sitting in mixed waiting rooms - I wish they were more like pediatrician's offices where you have a well side and a sick side... at least it gives the illusion of germ containment.

All of this pain has slowly sidelined all of my knitting.  I am hoping that my doctor can do something, anything, to ease the pain (or mask it at the very least) so that I can finish my knitting and take a super huge nap.  I can't simply "rest" because then my house would look like a pig sty and I would be in the foulest mood ever witnessed by the naked eye.  So he's just got to fix it... and I've just got to get up now because I've reached my threshold from sitting here.

Man, this couldn't have waited until January... I've got things to do... sheesh!

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