22 December 2011

Okay, I'll give it a try

I had to think, think, think...
For a while now, many of you have written to me stating that you would like to give back for the patterns that I put up.  I appreciated the sentiment then and I still do now - except now I have finally given in to the requests.

Over there on the right side bar you should now see a cute little "Donate" button under the header of "A Way to Give Thanks".  All patterns on here are still free.  All recipes on here are still free.  That button is there if you feel moved to donate for the items.

Over the course of this journey, I have had a great many people write me and state how they would like to give me something for all that I have given them.  I have always declined and recently I learned that I unintentionally offended someone by my unwillingness to accept their offer.  Y'all know that I love and appreciate every one of you and if you feel moved to donate for supplies so that more new patterns and recipes can be created, then I am one overly blessed girl.  No offense was ever meant by my refusal so please accept my deepest apologies if anyone else was quietly hurt... I'm so sorry.

Now I think this donation button is a great compromise.  You can "pay" for patterns if you wish as a way to say thank you and I can still give patterns freely.  It's a win-win... for everyone.

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