18 December 2011

Sunday Snaps ~ You take the good, the take the bad

You take them both and then you have the facts of life... I'll wait while you sing along...

That will get you bouncing in your seat, won't it... love it!  Okay so today's version of "Sunday Snaps" is going to be with this mindset since the song has been stuck in my head all morning.  Ready?  Here are the "good"s of the week ~

I made milk chocolate fudge and peppermint bark earlier in the week and it's still around today!

This is the face I captured when Hobbit answered that she was in fact good this year - neither true nor false and he knows

I finished the teacher gift knitting last night.  All that is left is finding the cup things I saw last week.

I really like how my "cheap" yarn version came out - even with the medication induced 'boo-boo' I just found.
Those were the parts of my week that made me smile... these were the parts that didn't ~

I messed up Pokey's sweater sleeve and I had to frog it all - it was at 10" and I'm only back to 6" right now.

Dishes in general really but holiday baking dishes seem somehow messier.

I really don't like how the top one came out but I don't have time to make her a different version.

For expensive yarn, I honestly don't care for it... or perhaps I just haven't found the proper project for it yet.
Those were the "bad" moments of the week.  Add to that the fact that I found out the reason my shoulder has been killing me is because I have somehow torn a muscle AND apparently I have arthritis in it.  Awesome, no?  Oh well - copious amounts of anti-steroid anti-inflammatory medication for a month and supposedly I will be feeling right as rain.  Fingers crossed.

I'm going to see if the two coffee cozies will work for one of my Nerd Wars projects where I had to finish two WiPs.  I'm thinking that they will but I'm going to double check first.  If they don't, I've got another two hour project that I can find, I'm sure.

I need to work on Pokey's sweater but I will admit to having a defeated feeling already.  Between the pain from knitting right now and the amount that needs to be done, I just don't think I will make it.  Knowing me, as I do, I will more than likely be parked down in my chair plugging away just to prove myself wrong - sad but true.  Either way, Pokey knows it is a labor of love right now and he will be over the moon for it, whenever it gets finished.

How was your week - any Facts of Life lessons learned for you too?


  1. Tsk. Haven't heard that song in a long time! My lesson this week: sometimes I can't force it! Had a rough time learning at my first knitting in the round class (TONS of people in the shop, noisy, I hadn't eaten, etc. etc) but when I got home, I just put it away for several days. Picked it back up when things were calm and quiet and I got it right away! Had the second class yesterday and finished my hat. Has a few mistakes but you can't really see them. LOVE learning something new but sometimes the time just isn't right, sometimes it is! Love your cozies! Great way to use up some scraps!

  2. ooh, sorry to hear about the torn muscle -- every knitter's nightmare. As much as you want to knit you should probably ease back for a bit and let that muscle heal. Cute coffee cozies!


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