19 December 2011

Motivational Mondays ~ 12/19

Herringbone Stitch
Last night I was able to finish my last challenge project for the third and final round of Nerd Wars Tournament 3.  It was for the Scientific prompt which dealt with getting out of our comfort zone and learning a new technique... just like what we're all going to do in January with our contest.

This project was initially going to be the Modern Reticule bag that had the most fabulous destination of being a surprise present hanging from the tree on Christmas morning for Hobbit to find... and that idea may still come to fruition if I am able to figure out this ding dang Herringbone Stitch.  They wanted me out of my comfort zone - I was so far out it wasn't even funny.  I had to frog and restart three times and the final result was not as wonderful as I had hoped - partly due to my miscalculation regarding yarn weight substitution for the bag and partly due to my fumbling through this new stitch.  I kept forgetting what side I was on after I had set my work down for a bit which resulted in a few wrong turns and the realization that I will have to do the bottom section of that bag all in one sitting so I don't have the same issue again - and it's a complicated stitch for me so I would require a full day of uninterrupted knitting.. or at least that is what I'm thinking right now.  A year from now and the thought would be completely different - I might be able to do that stitch, talk to people and watch a movie all at the same time without losing my spot, patience or mind.

Bon Appetit!
So a bag was not this particular project's destiny... although I was able to still use it for the challenge and tie it back to my current team for full credit on the challenge.  I'm sure you're curious what it could have possibly been since it wasn't the beautiful bag... a French Bread Roll, of course!  Hobbit loves it and has claimed it for her toys.  It alternates between food and pillow, naturally.

Just because things don't turn out as originally planned, doesn't mean the end result isn't just as good.

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