27 December 2011

Tuesday (Motivational) Tunes ~ Confidence

I thought that since I completely had a lapse in brain power yesterday and missed our normal "Motivational Monday" moment that I would combine our "Tuesday Tunes" segment with it and look what I found - the most absolute perfect song for today.

I love this song for more than the fact that it's Elvis and a fabulously fun movie ("Clambake" for all who are interested).  Where it falls in the storyline of the film is perfect and it falls perfectly for today too.  I am going to start a little side project because I have to go back to the doctor tomorrow about my shoulder, which I'm very sad to report is no better than it was when I went... and in some ways, it's a bit worse.  I am a worrier by nature (thanks, Mama) and so it's been needling the back of my mind but I keep plugging along with the cockeyed optimistic approach that I will wake up one morning and "poof", it will be better and life will return to normal.  So far, no "poof".

Anywho, I am going to attempt a new project that I can carry along with me to the doctor's office and not worry too much about but still have something fun when I'm done.  I got some funky sock yarn last summer on my pilgrimage to A Good Yarn Sarasota that I had planned to make some socks for Pokey but never got around to doing it for whatever reason.  Well, now I think is a good time to start them, don't you?  I've got plenty of patterns in my Ravelry favorites and queue to choose from so I'll just gather up my confidence and get to it... the sock and the doctor appointment.

Look out, Doc... I'm ready.

1 comment:

  1. I am on my second sock .... this will be my first pair I finally knit in the last year and a bit. I feel like I am back on track :)


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