14 December 2011

Attack of the randoms

Peanut ~ her random moments are priceless!
It's an attack of the randoms with my brain today.  I think it is due to the fact that I haven't slept well in several days because I pulled/strained that muscle between my shoulder blade and my neck.  No clue how I did it but I talked to my mama, the most intelligent registered nurse I know, and she told me what I did and how to care for it - heat, Tylenol and rest.  I've gotten 2 out of 3... the last one is hit or miss really.

I have learned that sitting here will aggravate my shoulder/back after about twenty minutes so my brain has been frantically trying to formulate thoughts and check all necessary sites and messages - all in all, this has caused a very random mode to my thoughts today... and that makes writing sporadic and trying.  What do you do when this happens?  Simple, write a random post... like this ~
  • I should bake today but I have no clue what I want to make.
  • Chocolate is always good... I need a piece of fudge.
  • I should take a few photographs today for my 365 Project.
  • Sure hope Hobbit behaves during her "Daddy Daughter Date" today.
  • I can't believe my birthday is tomorrow.
  • I miss Peanut - she would make the best birthday/Christmas combo present ever.
  • I generally dislike birthday/Christmas combo presents - it happens to no one else ever.
  • I wonder what Pokey is getting me for my birthday.
  • Why is my coffee cup empty?
  • I need to rewrite my knitting schedule for Pokey's sweater.
  • I need to actually knit on Pokey's sweater today - I'm thinking if I can get to 10" I'll be close to back on track, maybe.
  • So excited about having my own Nerd Wars team for Tournament 4!
  • Wonder when I'll find out.
  • I hope that Monica is able to come up with a solution for the test knitter issue we had.
  • I wonder if I won the Jordana Paige naming contest.
  • I need to find my challenging project - Norwegian snowflakes or lace shawl.
  • Maybe I'll have y'all vote on it.
  • Double Chocolate Chunk Peppermint cookies - yeah, I'll make those.
  • My coffee cup is still empty.
  • I should get dressed.
I really should - Pokey let me sleep in today since he is having his special shopping date with Hobbit today.  I know it's a school day but you know what - this is his weekend and we rarely get to do things as a family since it falls during the middle of the week.  Hobbit was missing him so we decided that since they get out of school next week, it'll be fine for her to miss today and tomorrow without serious repercussion to her education - they're wearing pjs next week for crying out loud.

I think I'll take my random brain, get dressed and sit down to knit while watching "Love Actually" - huh, my coffee cup is empty.  I'll have to remedy that too.

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