08 December 2011

Early birthday happies!

My mama sent me monies for Christmas and birthday so I did what any other self respecting girl in my position would do - I went shopping!  I decided that I would treat myself to two things that I have wanted to get for a very long time but never do because of the cost.. and I'm so happy I did.  Guilt be damned - you heard me.  It's my birthday and I figured that I deserve something spectacular - and I was economically savvy enough to get two 'something's!

Three Irish Girls - Bellini
Y'all remember on my anniversary when I gave away some gorgeous yarn from Sharon?  She sent over Bellini and Bridget and it took all I had to actually give them away.  I know they are in loving homes and well taken care of by the fabulous crafters who won them, but I fell in love with Bellini.  It wasn't just a passing school girl crush - it was hard core, all consuming love.  I got myself 2 skeins of this magnificent colorway in smooshy Wexford Merino Silk.  I am going to use it for a challenge coming up in January that I'll tell y'all about next week... whoa, intrigue!
Isn't this precious!

The other present I got for me is one that I have been drooling over for some time as well.  There is this precious shop over on Etsy called Slipped Stitch Studios.  Laura, the owner, makes the cutest things - from different sized project bags to scissor fobs to complete sets.  If I had the ability, I'd buy out her complete inventory.. that way I wouldn't have to choose which one I liked best.  If you are looking for a new project bag, I strongly suggest that you stop by and take a look at her wares.

I should have them soon - not really sure when but y'all know I'll be taking pictures and sharing my excitement with you again when they arrive.  Not too shabby for an old girl the week before her actual birthday.  Yeah me!

Just so you know - these are my opinions and I received nothing for sharing them with you.

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