12 December 2011

Motivational Mondays ~ 12/12

I'm stepping away from our normal set up and using today to motivate us in a different way.  Have y'all noticed how I keep throwing out the word "challenge" lately?  Yeah, subtlety is not my strong suit, just ask Pokey.  What is this 'challenge', you ask... grab a seat, your coffee, pen and paper and I'll tell you.  It's okay, I'll wait while you get settled...

I know that y'all are a crafty bunch.  I've seen many of y'all's handiwork and it's gorgeous.  I can't speak for anyone but myself but I will go through phases where I'll learn something new with every project and then I'll go through a lull where I play it safe and stick with what I know.  I was in a lull for a bit and am just now sneaking back out to where I am trying new techniques and learning new skills... and I want you to join me!

Part of this challenge is based on the honor code because no one but you knows what you are capable of doing and what truly is a challenge for you.  I know that I am going to be challenging the stuffing out of myself because it will be a non-Nerd Wars month so there will be nothing on my crafting plate but this project.  How do you decide what truly is a challenge - use this check list that I borrowed from a recent Nerd Wars prompt ~
  • It could be an entirely new craft such as a knitter learning to crochet or picking up a drop spindle for the first time or even getting familiar with weaving if you are fortunate enough to have the equipment available.
  • It could be an entirely new technique such as color working, Tunisian or filet crochet, intarsia or steeking.  As long as it's something you've never successfully accomplished before, it should work for this adventure.
That gives us a great foundation from which to work this challenge, doesn't it.  The possibilities are endless as to what you could do... but crafting is only part of it.  I want to hear about your experience.  I spend so much time telling y'all about my adventures, and misadventures, that I want to hear about yours as well.  Once you've completed your journey, link up your Ravelry project page, send me an email with the photographed project or post it to the Facebook wall with the story you want to share.  Successful or not, share it with me.  Tell me about it, I want all the gory details - the giggles, the cheers and the tears.  Nothing spared in this challenge - let it all hang out because half of the fun is in the experience itself.

Why are you doing this - I would like to say it is because we are all just that dedicated to being the greatest crafters on the planet but let's face it, we all need a bit of motivation don't we.  How about if we turn this into a contest then?  I know the perfect prize to give away... Jordana Paige's newest item in her stunning collection of crafting accessories - the Crafter's Tool Butler!  Isn't it gorgeous!?!  Look at what all it has to offer ~
  • Six flat pockets for sizes of dpns and hooks.
  • Four zippered accordion pockets for circular needles with label inserts for custom numbering.
  • Mesh pocket for small items such as safety pins, stitch markers and darning needles.
  • Knitting needle and crochet hook inventory chart.
Source Information

Amazing, isn't it.  The final measurements for all of this loveliness are L 10.5" x W 2" x H 6.5" so you know that it will hold everything you need in one beautiful and beautifully organized space.  Another thing about Jordana's products that I love is that they are all PVC.  That means that even though her products are buttery soft and amazingly gorgeous - they're vegan so the fabric used is a beautiful substitute and no animals were harmed.

So what do you think - are you up for the challenge?  It will run through the month of January.  Being the huge nerd that I am, I've decided to start this challenge on 1/2/12 - because it is a super fun date!  The "fine print rules" are that all projects must be started on or after 1/2/12 and completed by 2/1/12.  Photographic evidence of project must be shared either by Ravelry project page, emailed submission or Peppermint Mocha Mama Facebook page submission.  All submissions must have the following information included:
  1. Technique used.
  2. How it is a challenge for them.
  3. Detailed story documenting the experience.
  4. Contact information (Ravelry ID or email address).
Y'all know that I am a planner so I thought I'd get the word out now so that you can get your ideas churning, gather your supplies and psych yourself up for the adventure.  It's even more exciting, at least for me, because I can open this up internationally!  Everyone has an opportunity to win this exceptional knitting accessory so there is no excuse not to try.

What better way to start the year than by doing something completely new and exciting.  Good luck!!


  1. I am SO putting this in my calendar!
    P.S. I giggled a little when you mentioned the dates.
    To contact me for any reason:
    Ravelry: SillySarah
    Email: SillySarahatt.net@gmail.com

  2. I love the dates, you start when the only thing you'll want to do is knit and ends the day before my b-day.


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