23 December 2011

T minus 10

We've got 10 days until we Rise to the Challenge on 1/2/12.  Do you have your pattern picked out?  What color palette have you decided on?  Are you itching to go just like I am?  I honestly can not wait to get started - it is going to be so exciting seeing everyone grow and experience new things.  Plus, that Crafter's Tool Butler from Jordana Paige is a sweet prize to be sure.

I am still on the fence as to what I am going to do for my project.  I know it will involve colorworking but I am not completely sure how.  Initially, I thought I would make this cute little project ~

© Karen Neal ~ Snowflake Headband
It has the colorworking, the snowflake and it's relatively small... perfect for a first time project, right?  Yeah, I thought so too but I have since begun to think that I might need more of a challenge so I've been toying with the idea of making this instead ~

©Todd Gocken ~ Norweigan Snowflake Scarf
I have these two gorgeous shades of green coming from Knit Picks - Swish DK in Parrot and Forest Heather.  I think they would look really great as this scarf too... and it's done in the round, not flat, so even though it's a stranded scarf, it will be beautiful on both sides.  The two yarns were a part of the site's "bag sale" so I'm going to have 1230 yds of each color.  I even thought that I could do a sweater but all the designs that I love belong to a pattern designer that I find difficult to understand. I know I need to keep my project on the smaller end so that I can complete it by 2/1/12 and since I will have a publisher deadline for at least one test knit in January, I really can't commit to the sweater idea, as much as I would love to... and my vicious circle simply repeats. 

What do you think - keep it simple and do the headband or go for the scarf?

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