15 December 2011


That's how old I am today - I can hardly believe it.  I know that is what any medical record would say but I still feel like kid.  My brain has moments of teenage mindset and senior antics the same... sometimes back to back!

I woke up to presents by my computer but I can't open them until Hobbit gets up, which will be as soon as I'm done with this, and a nice cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee.  Ran out of hot water in the shower but I was icky hot anyway so it was a good thing.  Now I'm dressed and just enjoying said cup of coffee before getting up said Hobbit.  Today - we're going to Epcot, Disney Hollywood Studios and Downtown Disney.  Epcot to ride Soarin' and Test Track because we never get to, the Studios to ride Toy Story Mania for the same reason and then Downtown Disney because Santa is there.  It's going to be a fabulous day!

I have also figured out what I am doing for our challenge in January - I literally just now decided... as I typed those words.  (Wow, with age truly does come wisdom... sweet!)  I'm going to make this beautiful headband... and it just might take me all month to do it but I know it will look precious on Peanut as she trudges through the snow next semester. 


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