20 December 2011

Ten on Tuesday ~ The List

Carole asked that we write out the ten things that we still have left to do before Christmas.  I can totally participate in this one because goodness knows, I have a lot left to do and I love to make to lists.  Let's have at it, shall we?
  1. Wrap Hobbit's presents.  I managed to wrap the presents for everyone else but for some reason, I have not done Hobbit's yet.  It's odd but true.  I'll do it tomorrow probably because that is her last day of school and goodness knows, she can't be trusted alone while I hole up and get it done.
  2. Thaw the turkey and take stock for Christmas supper.  I think I have everything but I never know until it's time to start.
  3. Bake more cookies.  We've only had one batch of Christmas cookies this year and they lasted a good while.  We are currently working on the fudge and Peppermint Bark I made last week.
  4. I'm toying with making some cupcakes too.  I didn't have a birthday cake this year because we were at Walt Disney World so I have a hole in me that can only be filled with cake.  I tried filling it with ice cream, fudge, peppermint candies, cookies and coffee - apparently, cake is the only true fix.
  5. Work on Pokey's sweater.  Y'all know I have a torn shoulder muscle and should honestly not be knitting for a few weeks but I have to say - it's going to hurt anyway so I might as well be doing something I enjoy to get my mind off the pain, right?  Just sitting around with a heating pad on my back is boring... I think I'll write up a schedule so I can get it done AND rest my shoulder.
  6. Arts and crafts with Hobbit.  She found our construction paper that I bought back around Halloween.  We can now make paper chains and snowflakes to decorate our front window.  I used to love doing that as a kid - I even found a great wreath pattern last year from JoAnn Fabric.
  7. Christmas Eve 2 Days Early.  That's what we're calling it this year.  We have a tradition where we all get in our pjs and go out on Christmas Eve to look at the lights around town.  Then we come home and have cocoa, watch a Christmas movie and go to bed.  This year, Pokey has to work on Christmas Eve so we're doing it on Thursday when he's off instead.  It will still be fun and as an added bonus, we'll be drinking Starbucks on the journey!
  8. Doctor Who marathon.  Oh yeah, it's all set for Hobbit.  Since we're doing our Christmas Eve tradition a few days early, on Christmas Eve night she and I will be snuggled in with Cheddar popcorn, some soda and a bit of the good Doctor to keep us entertained.
  9. Clean out Hobbit's closet.  We recently set in place a 20-25 toy rule... and that if a new toy comes into the house, an older toy must find a new home.  I'm ashamed to say that Hobbit has more than she needs and is not very good at giving things away.  Plus, since we've moved her downstairs, the upstairs room still has a truck load of toys in it.  It's simply time to pare down and simplify.  I truly believe that having less will make her (and us) happier.  It will be easier to keep picked up, find what she is looking for and play with what she has... this will be a great thing once we get through the act of doing it.
  10. Enjoy my family.  I've been in a funk for a few months - nothing commercial worthy or that requires some type of intervention, just not feeling like I usually do when this time of year roles around.  I know the reason is because Peanut is not here... my family isn't complete this year.  Hobbit has no clue I feel this way and I make sure that we still 'whoop it up' around her but in all honesty, I'm just not feeling the holiday cheer this year - at all.  Hopefully, when Peanut comes home this summer, we will be able to get her license and a reliable used vehicle so that she isn't at the mercy of others while she's away at school.  If she had a car, she'd be home sometime today...
So there is my list of last minute things that I need to get working on.  I bet it's not much different than anyone else around this time of year - but I don't normally have anything left over by now.  At least I'm ahead of the game when it comes to Pokey - he still has shopping to do on Wednesday and Thursday!

I'll leave you with this Christmas song and I wish every one of you a joyous Christmas with those you love.

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