26 December 2011

Sticking my toe in

Over the holiday weekend, I did a little test.  It wasn't anything super huge but it was something that has been needling my mind for some time.  I did research on this for several months and kept tally of trends and such so nothing was done 'willy nilly' at all.  All of this has been going on in the background since June and I had hoped to gather enough conclusive data to reach a decision by December and run with it by this past weekend, which I did.

You can find them all by clicking here.

I relaunched several of my patterns, 7 and a half to be exact*, as purchasable patterns on Ravelry.  I took older patterns and I must say that so far, things are going as I had forecast and I am very pleased.  I didn't want to do anything radical and throw the knitting world into a fit, the likes of which only my good Doctor would be able to remedy.  The cost of the patterns is miniscule at best but I figured it would help to fund the creative process - yarn gets expensive, you know.  So no, I'm not rocking the boat at all but simply stepping into the waters... sticking my baby toe in really... and that barely makes a ripple.

Making this move was yet another challenge that I set up for me lately.  Speaking of challenges - are you ready to Rise to the Challenge in just 7 days?  Have you got your pattern and supplies all set up and waiting for you?  If you need any suggestions, I know some people who are great at helping out.  This is going to be fabulous... I can't wait!!

*The half is the ears for the bunny slippers... those are free but the slipper pattern is off a paid pattern.

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