22 August 2011

A day full of firsts

She looks so grown up!
Today is our first day of First Grade in our brand new school.  Hobbit put on her brand new skirt and top, her brand new shoes and socks and even accessorized with her brand new headband.  She grabbed her brand new backpack with attached matching lunch box and begged me to leave - and we still had over an hour before we actually had to go!

As a kid, I always loved the first day of school.  I admit to being a nerd because I loved school - all grades, all years, all the time.  To this day, if I could be a professional student, I would.  I would major in culinary arts and photography.  Then I would major in French.  Then I would major in literature and textile art.  I could go on but you get the idea - just to earn those aforementioned degrees, I would be in school until Hobbit graduated and joined me.

Here's to hoping that the excitement of today cares throughout the year - wishing everyone a very Happy School Year!


  1. She looks ready for anything! I hope she has an excellent first day.

    Such a weird idea to me though, going back to school in August! It's still summer holidays over here.

  2. I loved school too- probably one of the reasons fall is still my favorite season. Loved picking out and buying my first day of school outfit (hated it when parents eventually sent me to private schools with uniforms....) but it was always TOO HOT on the first day of school for the fall outfil I would choose! Never did learn that lesson....


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