18 August 2011

Sadness... and just a touch of relief

I know you'll be fine and I'll always love you
Tonight has been a night full of sadness and relief. Sadness over the fact that I came to the heartbreaking conclusion that Ramsay would be a better fit in someone else's home. Relief over the fact that my house would no longer have a stressful and negative energy in it.

Hobbit and I had a long, tearful discussion about how our family is just not the right one for him - he needs a family with someone who doesn't have little people toys (and panties and socks and shoes and blankets and books and papers and pencils and crayons) too tempting to chew and someone with a lap that he can curl up in for hours on end. A house where he wouldn't constantly be in his crate because of all the aforementioned chewing and where he was the center of attention... and that house wasn't ours.

We tried working with Ramsay since day one, and while he was better he still wasn't "good" - at least for the standards of this house. A responsible pet owner cares for their pets but they also have to be responsible enough to acknowledge that they are not the right family for that animal... and it was time for me. So while I have shed a great many tears tonight, I must remind myself that this is not all about me.

Ironically, Hobbit brought up an old fortune from long past cookie and wanted to know what it said, so I read it to her... "Unnecessary possessions are unnecessary burdens." I have no doubt that Ramsay will find a better home tomorrow and while I do love that little guy, I know that I wasn't a good fit for him... I was an unnecessary burden.

Pokey has taken Ramsay for me, so I wouldn't have to do it myself. Hobbit has come to terms that he needs a different environment where he isn't always in Time Out. I still feel like the most wretched, heartless person in the universe... and I am full of sadness - and just a touch of relief.


  1. Decisions like this are tough to make, but you should take comfort in the thought that you're doing the right thing for Ramsay.


  2. Aw, that must be so tough :( But you're doing the right thing for everyone in this situation - Ramsay, you and your family. You're not heartless, just the opposite. Heartless would be keeping a dog that didn't fit your home and making him and you miserable in the long run, to make yourself feel ok in the short term.

  3. That must have been tough to decide! :( But, ultimately, you're doing the right thing for you and your family. Good luck with the family-finding process...


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