17 August 2011

Quack, quack!

I am very tickled at how well today went.  Our experience with our previous elementary school on orientation day was less than stellar.  I was quietly hoping that today would be smooth, friendly, inviting and captivating - a nice start to the school year.  I wasn't holding my breath but I still couldn't resist wishing with all my might... and I'm pleased to say that it was all I had hoped for and more!

We were greeted by warm, smiling facing and soothing tones.  Helpful people were at every turn and words of welcome came from every direction.  We filled out her proper beginning year paperwork, we paid her school fees, we met her teacher, spoke with the school nurse and I even joined the PTO!  I was even in and out of the Dr.'s office with Hobbit and her paperwork - zipped through the pharmacy so now I can say that our all school ducks are in a row and we're ready to go come Monday morning!

Oh, this is going to be a wonderful school year.  I just know it!

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