08 August 2011

N is for...


Punchinello Caps for Knitting Needles
via Interweave Knits
There are so many things about knitters that are nifty but I'm going to focus on their giving spirit.  Today, I woke up to find a free pattern in my email from Knitting Daily, Interweave Knitting's email.  You are going to love this pattern because it's sweet, festive, easy and part of the notions is a bottle of wine (well, a cork from a bottle of wine so you can work out the details on how to obtain one).  Just click on the link under the photo and make your own sweet little Punchinello set... it's my gift to you.

Want to join in the fun - click here.


  1. How very NNNNNNice of you :) Thanks for the link!

  2. This is so fun and adorable! Nice post.

  3. So cute. Your graphics on your blog are so cute!

  4. Love this, just gotta try it. Thank you.

  5. What a clever idea. A good way to use up leftovers.
    (Yarn & Wine)


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