22 August 2011

Family tradition - revamped

Every year, when I was a little girl, my mama would make us a Back to School cake. Daddy loved that time of year because there was such a long span of time between my brother’s birthday (July 19th) and my birthday (Dec 15th) so cake in between was rare - except for September when we went back to school.

Welp, I carried on the tradition of making a cake when Peanut went to school but last year was the last time I would make a Back to School cake . This is because, with my folks so far away now, we don’t have any help in eating the cake - add to that the fact that Peanut is now away at college so we’re down a good cake-eater too. This left me with only one thing to do - revamp the tradition.

Would you like one too?
Hobbit loves jumbo muffins. She thinks that she is getting a super treat when I make them so I decided that this year, I would make jumbo muffins for her Back to School treat. The recipe only yields 6 when I make them jumbo instead of conventional sized so they are sure to get eaten - twice - by all of us… well, someone will get three probably but I don’t think she’ll mind.

What kinds of family Back to School traditions do you have?

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