07 August 2011

Because it made someone's day

Have you ever done something, anything, for the simple reason that  you knew it would make someone else's day?  It doesn't matter how little or how big that particular something is, it just matters that you do it.

I am one of those people who do random things that most others don't understand because I know it will make someone's day.  I "drop" pennies all the time, verifying the 'heads up' status.  I have been known to drive through a Starbucks and pay for the order behind me.  I reach things on the grocery store shelves that I see others struggle with and come up with change for kids who run short on their purchase.  I am that dorky kind of person that just likes to make others happy - with or without recognition.

A big reason for it is because I have always lived on a very tight budget.  I don't have any wiggle room but we do budget a very small amount that, when saved for a month or so, could make for some wonderful fun.  Nothing extravagant but still a memory all the same - Happy Meals or movies or something.  I know with my knitting, I am always tickled to find patterns that I love for free download.  It isn't often in this world that you can find something beautiful that another person doesn't want to earn a living off of it.

Don't get me wrong, to make a living from designing knitwear or writing or taking photographs would be a dream come true for me... but not everything needs to be sold for profit.  Sometimes, it feels a million times better to just give it away because you know that somewhere, you have just made someone's day... and that is the greatest kind of "riches" a person could ever hope to have.


  1. What would life be without Random Acts of Kindness!

  2. This is such a lovely post :)
    Goodgonegirl x

  3. I love random acts of kindness. I've been known to leave change in vending machines and little notes in library books just to make a stranger smile :)

  4. I can only agree. Love this post.

  5. I love this post and you're abolutely right. Those little acts of kindness that you don't get recognition for really make other peoples day! And the best thing is, you can do one little thing that only takes a minute or a bit of money, but you can do it for a tranger without knowing them and sometime it can really make their day! I've been on the reciving end on some really dark days and something so small has meant so much to me. I'm glad people still take the time to think of others just because they can.


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