10 August 2011

Something I'll never understand

Magic Kingdom ~ June 2009
I admit to not being as 'worldly' as the next girl but there seems to be a trend, not sure how recent it is but I've just started noticing it, where husbands and wives don't vacation together.  He takes his vacation and she takes hers.  Apart.  Miles away.  Either alone or with their respective friends... but not each other.

Why would anyone do this?  I couldn't imagine spending a night away from Pokey, much less an entire week.  Since our first date, not a day has gone by that we haven't seen one another.  Since we've been married, not a night has gone by that we didn't lay down together to sleep.

The idea of a vacation away from my husband just sounds awful.  Perhaps we are the odd balls here but he feels the same way.  I would much rather spend the entire time together, enjoying one another without having to worry about work or chores.  A time out from our regularly scheduled lives to enjoy our family... not to get away from them.

What's your take on this ~ would you ever take a vacation without your spouse?


  1. My grandparents often holiday apart, because they have such different interests (and frankly I think they need a break from each other). Not something that would work for me though.

  2. The only time I would take time away would be for something like a craft weekend as my hubby wouldn't be interested in that sort of thing.

    Your photo makes me miss Florida - we went there on holiday this time last year and I loved it so - it was my first time to America and I didn't want to come home. Seeing Cinderella's castle brings it all back. Magic Kingdom was my favourite of all the parks we visited. We're planning on coming back again - it's just so damned expensive to fly to America from the UK unfortunately.

  3. My parents have only ever gone away without the other for family reasons (when my paternal grandfather passed away, or my mom's brother is sick with cancer), other than that they are always together and enjoy adventures with each other.

    This Christmas our family of 4 is going to Hawaii for 10 days and I'm leaving my BF behind, it will be the longest we've gone without seeing each other and it will be interesting. (that's what happens when your parents are paying for everything...)

    As stated above, I would only go away without him if it was for something he wasn't interested in, and vice versa.

  4. It's not something I'd want to do. I have little to no interest in going away on holiday with a bunch of friends and leaving him behind, because he's my best friend too!

    That said, I don't mind going away for a weekend to visit people/hen dos etc without him, but more than one night and I really start to miss him.

  5. I think personality has a lot to do with it as well as other life factors. My husband is required to travel for business so we have learned to spend time apart and to see that for us, it enriches rather than diminishes our time together. We also live a distance from our families and sometimes it's not feasible for us both to go and visit so we will have visits with parents/siblings on our own. We also have many good friends scattered around the world whom we like to see now and again -- I may join up with two best friends in a mutually convenient city for a wee get-away, he may stay the weekend in the city of a good friend he hasn't seen in awhile because he was already there with work.
    We DO plan LOTS of vacations, trips, family and friend visits TOGETHER, but when it works out, but as much as we love each other we have a LOT of other people we love and who love us too and we share ourselves and each other whenever it makes sense to do so.

  6. I would *love* to do this but husband would probably object. I'm far more introverted than he is. He likes to just be quiet and sit next to me but I like to be quiet and be ALONE. I love him to bits, but sometimes I just need my space to do my own thing.

    My mom and my dad were pretty independent of each other. He hung out in the basement almost all the time and she would hang out in the apartment. Things were much more calmer that way since my dad was a hot head. I'm a hot head too, to be honest. :P

    Husband is also far more touchy feely than I am and I sometimes need my personal space. I can still feel close to him while not being in the same room. And honestly, our last two vacations have been to see his friends and while I love them to bits, it can be a bit boring for me. I would love it if our next two vacations were about me. ;)


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