02 August 2011

Ten on Tuesday ~ lovefest edition

Romantic Comedy.  My favorite genre of film - well, it's tied with musicals but generally those are just romantic comedies with fabulous singing bits.  Carole has decided that today's Ten on Tuesday is going to deal with our favorite RomComs and I'm all for it.  Shall we?  Oh, and let's have fun - let's do it backwards!!

10.  "When Harry Met Sally" ~ I love the chemistry between these two.  Everything about this movie is perfect and timeless.  The cinematography is gorgeous, the costumes are fabulous and the story is sweet.

9.  "Kid Galahad" ~ All the elements are perfect.  Boy comes home from military duty.  Boy follows dream with stars in his eyes.  Boy falls for girl.  Girl falls for boy.  Boy saves girl's brother from his demons.  Boy proposes to girl.  All the while, boy sings like nobody's business and has the cutest, most mischievous smile ever.

8.  "The Mirror Has Two Faces" ~ Smart, sassy and a whole lot of fun.  This is a movie that not a lot of people have seen but everyone should because of how brilliant it is... love at it's more elemental of levels and purest of desires.

The Cat's Meow - aka John Wayne

7.  "The Quiet Man" ~ John Wayne was an understated comic genius.  One glance says so much.  The simplest of phrases with just the right emphasis could knock you over.  Maureen O'Hara, well she is just a legend... to the point that Hobbit was almost named "Mary Kate" and with her attitude, she is referred to her quiet often.

6.  "One Fine Day" ~ This is one of my 'go to' classics when I just want a feel good movie.  Who can't relate to either character in this gigglefest?  Once upon a time, I daydreamed about finding my own Jack and having fabulous days gallivanting around one of the most amazing cities in the universe.

5.  "White Christmas" ~ Before you get all "that's a holiday film" on me, it is still a romantic comedy.  The comedy timing between Vera Ellen and Danny Kaye is impeccable.  The romance between Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney is one that has stood the test of time.  All of the singing and dancing is just the best bonus a girl like me could ever ask for, really.

4.  "Leap Year" ~ This is a newer movie but I love it.  The storyline is cute and I think that Amy Adams is just one of the greatest young actresses in Hollywood today.  I have no idea who the fabulous Irish bloke is but he's easy on the eyes and has the best laid back air about him.

3.  "Definitely, Maybe" ~ The premise of this movie is perfect.  What parent hasn't been asked to tell their love story by their children?  The twist that Ryan Reynolds throws in is what makes it fabulous.

2.  "That Touch of Mink" ~ Doris Day.  Cary Grant.  What more do you need to have a perfect romantic comedy?

1.  "You've Got Mail" ~ I love this movie.  The chemistry between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan is just so sweet.  It keeps true to the essence of the original ("Shop Around the Corner" with Jimmy Stewart) but the storyline is just wonderfully modern... and she agrees with me that daisies are the happiest flower.

So that is my list for today.  Now please note that if you ask me this question again tomorrow, my answers would all be completely different.  This suits my mood today and as a movie buff, I think it's a pretty good representation of the genre.  Now, if you haven't seen all of these, I suggest you hit your local movie spot and pick them up because they are all worth having in your collection!  Go ahead, I'll pop the popcorn and be here waiting when you get back.

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