03 August 2011

Sad state of affairs

Cross-stitch my mama made for me
I had put Ramsay up for sale on an internet site this past week because... well... because we were having a really rough patch.  He was being difficult in his potty training, chewing on things that he shouldn't be chewing on and general sneakiness... and I was at my wits end because Hobbit was following the same path of naughtiness.  Something had to give and he was the one that could be removed.

Fast forward to today.  I received an email from someone scouring the pet purchasing site.  He stated that his name was Jack and he was interested in purchasing "it".  He also said that he was too busy to deal with me in person but would mail me a money order, with an extra $80 for my running around and he would have a mover show up to take care of shipping "it".  Just wire him the monies via Western Union and all would be well.

All was not well - that was a scam.  Plain and simple.  It is a sad state of affairs when someone, in an economy such as this, will hunt on those who are emotionally vulnerable.  I love my dog - he just frustrates the snot out of me at times.  Last week was a breaking point... but to attempt to take advantage of me - or anyone else - is just pathetic.  So please, if anyone ever gets anything in an email where the sender states using a money order - report it.  I speak from experience, as this happened to me years ago in my youthful ignorance and it left me almost $1000 in debt to the bank and nowhere to go.  The bad people were not in our country and even though I did all I could, nothing was ever rectified.

Ramsay, and my money, are staying right where they belong - home with me.


  1. I'm sorry that you are having so much trouble with your dog but that man is a monster!

    As soon as he mentioned your pet as an 'it', I would be very suspicious. How cruel.

    I hope you manage to find a way to take care of his naughtiness in house!

    Take care.

  2. I have 2 dogs, they give me so much happiness and headache but I can't imagine my life without them. Reading about dog psychology helped me to increase the happiness and lessen the headaches, but I don't believe that dogs should behave well 24/7, a little naughtiness is natural and normal.

  3. If you are at a point where you think you can`t handle him any more on his own, think about consulting a dog trainer. And for the potty training try to crate him when you can't look after him, or teach him using a bell when he needs to go out. if you have further questions let me know, I'll try to help, and check the web, there are some great articles.


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