24 August 2011

Wow, next time I'll spend the extra dollar

Doctored the photo, just like the sauce
I have been working on keeping our food budget in check since it is one of the biggest bills we have every month.  With prices constantly increasing but our income being stagnant (or decreasing - the life of commissioned sales), I have been looking for ways to save a penny here and there... but this one really wasn't worth it at all.  I honestly think that there are some things that are worth the little extra you pay because of what you get.

Now, my husband will work himself into a tizzy trying to defend a $6 jar of pasta sauce.  I don't want to go there, even though he is reading over my shoulder nodding with "that look" on his face.  I am just going to talk about the can (yes, that's right - can) of sauce I picked up because it was a dollar.  It was twice the size of the jar I was going to get and almost $2 less.  I thought to myself "why not - that extra money is a package of snack cakes for school lunches" and so I did it.  Man, that was a big mistake.  It is currently simmering on my cook top with a truck load of spices that were necessary in order to make it taste... well... edible. 

In the future, I think I'll simply spend the little bit extra and get something I know will taste like sauce.  This stuff was so sweet, it pulled my face funny.  I can make up the difference in other areas - like Pokey's *"snacks".

What values have you been pleasantly surprised with - either in the kitchen or elsewhere?

I won't.. I just said that because he's still reading over my shoulder and I'm being snarky.


  1. Shopping is my weakness. Wow it admitted, first step! ~laughs~ I try my best to coast between - not too cheap and not too expensive and boy it isn't easy!

    My best bargain in yarn is yarn from Numei. Its a bit of a splurge at times but if its one sale it can be a real saving!

  2. As a kid, I remember fighting with my parents that store brand chocolate chip cookies and Oreos did NOT taste the same. I don't mind going generic for most things but I draw the line there. ;)

  3. Honestly, I can't stand jarred pasta sauce. They put sugar in it and it just doesn't taste right to me. Try using just plain tomato sauce (without meat, low sodium, not spaghetti sauce). Let it simmer for at least an hour with basil, oregano, chopped garlic or garlic powder, and mushrooms (if you like 'em). Its delicious, and cheap.


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