15 August 2011

Have y'all met Montague yet?

Montague (and his sweater & hat - SD is really cold!)
No?  Oh my goodness, where are my manners!  Montague... folks.  Folks... Montague.  There, that's better.  What's that?  You can't see him... well of course you can't - I haven't made him yet!  I do have all the proper tools in order to create him and he is alive and well - itching to get going but I just can't until I finish the Hallow's Pullover.

Montague is my motivation.  He is going on a grand adventure once he grows up - all the way to South Dakota!  He is a rather smart mouse and will be headed straight to university.  I bet there is someone up there who will give him shelter whilst he matriculates the days away.  He will more than likely be bearing cookies and treats so I know that some homesick college student will love on him for a cookie.  I know I would have when I was thousands of miles away at university.  Montague will be properly outfitted though - he will have his own hat, sweater and pants - because South Dakota is flipping cold... and he's a Florida mouse so you know he's going to need the added warmth!

Wish him luck - only have one shoulder, two sleeves, one collar and a whole lot of seams left to go on the Hallow's Pullover.  The deadline is the end of the month and fingers crossed, Montague will be on the needles by September 1st!

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