26 August 2011

I don't mean to sound unsympathetic but...

The rain, rain, rain came
down, down, down...
I am so over hearing about this "hurricane" that is going to "slam" into the Northeast US.  Let's get a few things clear - by the time it reaches y'all, it's going to simply be a Tropical Storm (possibly a very weak Category 1)... a scary name for large rain storm with a couple of gusty winds. It won't do any more damage than a typical summer thunderstorm.

I blame the media for all the hype, I really do.  Making this storm out to be more than it is in their typical sensationalistic way is just not good for anyone.  I know people who are honestly panicking about batteries or water or having their money out of the bank because it's practically Armageddon headed straight toward them!!!

Now perhaps the fact that I have been living through hurricanes since I was thirteen years old - that makes 25 years for anyone keeping count - has made me a bit relaxed over the whole thing...  Perhaps it's the fact that we constantly have a prepared generator, emergency kit and water on hand... or perhaps it's simply my old age (I found three white hairs while waiting in the pick up line yesterday).  Whatever it is, I would simply like to say this ~

Get a grip, stop fretting and enjoy your weekend. 

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