14 August 2011

Sunday Snaps

After two days of beautiful rain, it ended with a glorious sunset.

My love affair with the moon continues

Hobbit, and one sneaky snuggler, enjoyed a bit of veg out time in the final days before school begins.

I am still working on getting on wood fairy fart smell out of my gorgeous yarn.

Buddy has been acting like a puppy recently - I think 3 is a little young for a second childhood.

Made some headway on my shoulder and have plans to finish the front this week - God willing.

As you can see ~ the winning header was 'Make It You' by almost 80% of the vote.  I was floored that practically 60% of you voted.. and voted for my photography instead of the trendy new look.  It was touching and humbling.  I'll be leaving this one up until the change of seasons at the very least... if inspiration strikes, we just might have a fall/winter version creep up for a vote but I'll make sure that it stays to a true reflection of me.

Thank you to all who voted - I love your decision.

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