13 August 2011

Not with a ten foot poll

Yep, that's a shoulder
It's "Tax Free Weekend" here and the stores are crazy.  Reports have come in that it is almost as bad as Christmas Eve or Black Friday - two more days that wouldn't see me touching a shop with a ten foot poll.  I have many items that I need to purchase but with all the chaos, I would much rather do without until Monday than step foot inside there this weekend.

That totally frees up my weekend so you know what I am going to do... KNIT!  I finally figured out what was going on with the shoulder situation on my sweater.  You see, I have never created a sweater for someone over the age of 1 and the writing of the patterns is completely different.  You wouldn't think so but it's true.  The part that got me was deciphering "right" from "left" because by the time I had gotten to end of the section, it sounded as though the sides had flipped.  This caused quite a conundrum with me this past week.  My knitting had many false starts but now that I have simply bitten the bullet and charged forward, I've got a good idea of where I need to go with it now.
Doesn't it look neat?

So thank you, Gov. Scott, for making it "Tax Free Weekend".  Most people are out fighting over what they can get before everyone else and still walking away with change in their pockets... and I wish them all the luck in the world.  I, however, can finally sit down and finish the front of my sweater without guilt of shirking my errands and responsibilities for knitting... you've given me the most perfect reason and I am very grateful. 

It's the best win-win of the year!

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