12 August 2011

Roller coaster of crafty emotions

It's named "Fire Dragon" and so far, it's burnt my hiney!

That would describe me for the past few moments.  You see, I won a fabulous giveaway and the prize was some pretty spectacular looking designer yarn, something that I can't afford so any time I win them, I feel like I've won a million bucks.. but today I feel like the IRS took it all away from me this time.

My yarn arrived this afternoon and I tore the bag open like a kid on Christmas morning.  The color was just as beautiful as I anticipated and the fiber was a good weight and not scratchy... then it hit me - the musky, woodsy scent.  It hit me and I had to hit my inhaler!  Oh no, this can't be happening... who would be so cruel?  I know it wasn't on purpose and I hold no ill will towards the person who awarded me the delicious yarn that, as of right now, I will never be able to use because of the smell.

I know most people don't have asthma.  I know that many people don't have allergies.  I know that I have both and one triggers the other at times which makes for a lovely experience that I don't wish on my worst enemy.  Over the years you learn what will flip the asthma switch and what won't.. that gives a person a sense of control and comfort.  Only once in my entire life have I ever been allergic to a yarn and it wasn't because of a smell - my hands broke out in hives so I simply don't buy that brand any longer and problem solved.

Do you know how to save this beauty and get the stench out?

I am completely gutted that these two fabulous hanks of fibre are currently unworkable for me.  I can't knit with them because the odor is so strong.  I don't know what to do to salvage them either.  I can't throw them in the wash, they'll come out as one big knot.  I really need to research and figure out what can be done - if anything.  This is way worse than the yarn I won that was covered in cat hair!!

So while I dry my eyes and get my wits back about me, let me leave you with this plea - please be mindful of scents and smells because there are those of us in the world who honestly just can't handle them.  We know it isn't malicious but it sure does make our lives awful for a spell.

Sometimes, the absence of a smell is more beautiful than any scent on earth.

UPDATE ~ I contacted the dyer and she stated that she put "essential oils" in the rinse water - if anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate it.  Currently, they are sealed tight in a bag with a dryer sheet wrapped around each one and tomorrow I will put them in a pillow case with the dryer sheets on "Fluff Air" to finish them off.  I hope it works but I'm not sure because I've washed my hands three times and the scent is still stuck on them... it is just stomach churning now.


  1. Don't wash it but leave the yarn to soak for a while in some warm soapy water - this may help reduce the odour. I love this yarn - just commented on FB about it - it's flippin fabtastic!! :)

  2. Do you know what the scent is? A musty smell can be removed by putting the item in a small open shoe box placed into a larger plastic bin with kitty litter -- seal it up for 2 weeks or so and the smell should be absorbed by the litter.
    Worth a try!

  3. If all else fails try making a mild solution of woolite and cold water, then soak them, rinse them, and air fluff in a pillow case, or air dry in the sun?

  4. I feel SO awful that you had a problem with the yarn. Since I'm only dyeing for myself these days, I infuse my yarn in the last bath with a cedar/lavender rinse to help keep evil moths away. It should have occurred to me that it might bother someone else, and I feel just terrible. Please send it back so I can rinse it for you!


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